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A free and ambitious designer

Originally from Marseille, Chloé Bleinc made her Youtube debut at the age of 18. With a lifelong passion for the world of fashion and beauty, she quickly made a name for herself in the world of influencers, thanks to her active presence on social networks.
Over the years, her desire to create a brand that reflects her personality took shape. Inspired by her mismatched combinations of earrings and piercings, allowing her to fully express her personality, she decided to launch her own line of costume jewelry. Maison Dorée was born in 2019.

The Maison Dorée showcase

Located in the south of France, it was essential to design offices that reflected the very essence of the brand. We created a refined environment where our team can flourish in a pleasant, bright setting.

"Dorée evokes radiant beauty, which is precisely what I want to convey through my creations."

Inspired by "jewelry for living"

The name "Maison Dorée" has been carefully chosen to reflect the very essence of the brand. Affordable jewelry with fine design and sparkling details, to be assembled ad infinitum, where the art of accumulating them becomes a true expression of creativity. Designed to accompany you every day, from morning to night, for every occasion. Each collection is available in gold and silver to reflect the personality of each and every one of you.

The aspirations and desires of Chloé and her community are constantly evolving. Future Maison Dorée collections will be distinguished by stand-out pieces with a more assertive, modern and timeless style.

Women, our muses

At the heart of Maison Dorée's vision is the desire to encourage every woman to express her individuality, a unique allure, to feel confident and reinvent herself in pursuit of THEIR success.
The Maison Dorée woman is bold, passionate, fulfilled and accomplished. Through her jewelry, she finds a way to distinguish herself and shine.
For her, jewelry is not simply an accessory, but an essential element in shaping her personality and sublimating her femininity.
Always on the lookout for unique and original jewelry, she likes to play with it to reveal her creativity.

From drawing to reality

The creative process begins with a meticulous quest for research, an in-depth analysis of emerging trends, sources of inspiration and the aspirations of her community.
Through this initial stage, Chloé immerses herself in them to nourish her artistic vision. She puts her ideas on paper by sketching future designs. With a constant eye for detail, she makes adjustments to shapes and textures, ensuring that every curve and feature harmonizes to perfect each piece of jewelry.

A fascinating journey where imagination, creation and technique merge to give life to unique pieces.


Our expertise

All our jewelry is made of brass, gilded with 18 or 24-carat fine gold.

To protect the quality of the jewelry over time, a protective varnish is also applied to finish the gilding.


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