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Free delivery to relay points from 60€ in mainland France!

New collection : Dear Ballerina

Written by: L'équipe Maison Dorée


Maison Dorée's new Dear Ballerina collection is romantic, graceful and timeless. Each piece of jewelry seems in perfect harmony with the delicate movements of a ballerina. Meticulously designed to reflect grace in motion.

Immerse yourself in the powdery world of ballet. Between spats, tutus, chiffon and silk, discover the Balletcore trend.

Imagined with simplicity, the jewelry wraps the body in softness, effortlessly adding a refined touch to your attitude. A magical blend of delicacy and sophistication, these new pieces dance between elegance and poetry. They'll quickly become your must-haves for a divine, sparkling routine.

A divine, romantic dance

The collection Dear Ballerina... collection is romantic, graceful and timeless. It embodies an enchanting dance, where each jewel seems to be in perfect harmony with the delicate movements of a ballerina. Meticulously crafted to reflect grace in motion.

Thoughtfully adorned, the earrings swirl, evoking the hypnotic rotation of a perfect pirouette. Bracelets intertwine like a well-orchestrated ball, while rings come in a symphony of jewels capturing the fluidity of harmonious choreography. Finally, necklaces embrace the head with sensuality, sporting bold pendants to declare your secret love.

Tell your story with passion, like a soft, romantic dance.

Bijoux ondulés Maison Dorée
Bijoux torsadés Maison Dorée

The new Dear Ballerina... collection presents 20 exclusive pieces in 6 sets.

  • Inspired by the fluidity of movement and the delicacy of the black swan, theBlack Swan set willplunge youinto the graceful world of ballet.

  • The Angels earrings, with their sleek, uncluttered design, express grace and are an ode to passion and freedom.

  • Inspired by the delicacy and femininity of ballet, the Divine set, composed of a thick ring ring, earrings in two sizes and a captivating earcuff, harmoniously combines a smooth, rounded design with a row of white zirconium stones.

  • Reminiscent of the softness of a delicately twisted ribbon, the ring and creole, maxi and mini earrings from the Ribbon range feature a smooth, rounded design, underlining femininity with subtlety.

  • Soulmate piercing embodies the essence of soul mates aith two white zirconium stones, one fixed and the other dangling.

  • The elegant, undulating curves of the Secret Necklace capture the light in a bewitching way, adding a touch of brilliance to every movement.

  • With their undulating design, the Ballerina bracelet and earrings add a touch of grace to every movement, letting your natural elegance shine through.

  • For those looking to express their inner grace, the square earrings and matching Swan bracelet,with their pavé hearts, are the ideal accessories.

  • The Opera necklace and ring are an ode to dance, capturing the very essence of freedom, love and passion.

  • Forever, a captivating piercing, features a central white stone, a symbol of purity and light, accompanied by two delicate dangling chains.

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