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Free delivery to relay points from 60€ in mainland France!

Edito: Major trends in wedding 2024

Written by: L'équipe Maison Dorée


Wedding 2024: say yes to elegance with Maison Dorée

In the enchanted world of weddings, every detail counts to make the day unforgettable. For brides-to-be in search of the ultimate expression of their love, wedding trends for 2024 promise a journey to the heart of contemporary elegance, with a touch of timeless refinement. Let's lift the veil together on the hottest trends for brides, guests and bridesmaids, as we explore how jewels can be used to create the ultimate expression of love. Maison Dorée jewelry adds a touch of magic to every outfit.

Bridal gowns: between audacity and softness

In the year 2024, wedding dresses are reinvented, combining the boldness of vintage cuts with the softness of romantic details. Silhouettes are streamlined, highlighting the bride's natural grace. Subtle halter tops and delicate corsets add a touch of sensuality, while light, wispy fabrics evoke a sense of lightness and freedom. This season, brides dare to express their individuality through unique details: delicate embroidery, plays on transparency and subtle floral motifs. These gowns, true works of art, reflect a modern, assertive femininity, ready to say yes to love in all its splendor.

Accessories: details that make all the difference

Accessories play an essential role in creating the perfect wedding look. In 2024, brides are opting for sophisticated pieces that subtly enhance their outfits. Airy veils and delicate voilettes add a touch of mystery and romance. Jewelry, meanwhile, is discreet yet refined, with pearl necklaces and earrings that catch the light and illuminate the bride's face. At Maison Doréeeach piece is carefully designed to enhance the bride's natural beauty. She 'll love our pair of earrings Chunky Pearlsearrings, or for even greater elegance, our pendant earrings Long Drop.

Mariages Maison Dorée

Guests and bridesmaids: sophisticated elegance

In 2024, wedding trends feature elegant silhouettes and refined details for guests. Long dresses with flowing cuts and bold prints are in the spotlight, offering a look that's both chic and sophisticated. Bright colors add a touch of freshness and dynamism, while delicate accessories perfectly complement each outfit.

To complete their look, bridesmaids can opt for delicate jewelry from Maison Dorée. Whether it's the Vintage Pearls earrings or the Tennisbracelet, our jewels add a touch of magic to your special day.

Mariages Maison Dorée

In 2024, wedding trends celebrate elegance, femininity and boldness. From sleek gowns to sophisticated accessories, every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a look of timeless beauty. With Maison Dorée, every bride can add a touch of sparkle to her special day, making her wedding an unforgettable event.

So say yes to elegance with Maison Dorée and let yourself be carried away by the magic of love.

Here are a few selections to help you find your favorite!

The timeless bride

The guest (almost) as dazzling as the bride


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