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Free delivery to relay points from 60€ in mainland France!

Discover the Maison Dorée jewelry trend!

Written by: L'équipe Maison Dorée


The charm of Maison Dorée jewelry sets

At a time when elegance meets boldness, Maison Dorée costume jewelry sets stand out as the very essence of assertive style. These jewelry sets captivate with their sparkle, adding a touch of style to every outfit.
Explore this must-have trend and discover how Maison Dorée redefines the art of shining with bold style.

Jewelry sets don't just accessorize an outfit, they tell a story. Maison Dorée embraces this philosophy with sets that evoke exceptional charm. Wearing Maison Dorée jewelry is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's the desire to assert one's style with confidence. These sets are an ode to individuality, encouraging everyone to express their personality to the full. The current trend is to celebrate diversity, and Maison Dorée is the embodiment of this.

Featuring contemporary lines, these jewelry sets are designed for those seeking a dazzling, unforgettable look. Each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the effortless elegance and confidence that define the modern woman.

Maison Dorée sets capture the perfect balance between sparkle and boldness, combining luminous elements with daring designs, such as the Madeleine collection, with its glittering necklace and imposing earrings. Each piece contributes to creating a look that refuses to go unnoticed.

Parure Maison Dorée
Parure Maison Dorée

Our tips for adopting the trend

Maison Dorée jewelry sets offer exceptional versatility. Whether it's for an elegant evening out, a business meeting or a casual outing with friends, these sets are the perfect complement for every occasion. You no longer have to choose between boldness and subtlety; Maison Dorée has created sets that offer the best of both worlds.

  • Mix and Match: Don't hesitate to combine gold and silver in your jewelry! The art of mix and match is a trend in itself and can be adapted to any style, and the Sparkly Duo collection is perfect for adopting it.

  • Layering: Superimpose several Marry Me rings for a subtle, elegant effect. Add the matching bracelet for perfect coordination.

  • Colors and textures: Play with colors to energize your look. Maison Dorée offers a wide palette with Orange, White, Green, Pink and Lilac settings.

By embracing the Maison Dorée jewelry trend, you can be bold and daring. Dare to be unique, dare to shine, and let Maison Dorée jewelry be the dazzling reflection of your personality. Dive into this unforgettable trend and make every day an opportunity to shine with style.

Be bold, be dazzling, be Maison Dorée.


Marry Me Set


Sparkly Twist Set


Fly Set

Parure Maison Dorée
Parure Maison Dorée


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