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Free delivery from 60€ in mainland France!

Piercing guide

Written by: L'équipe Maison Dorée


The Maison Dorée team tells you all about it!

Fancy piercings are statements of style and identity, ways to stand out and feel unique. They'll become ways for you to express your creativity and add a sparkling touch to your everyday looks.

To help you make the right choice of location, piercing methods, professionals and care, follow the Maison Dorée guide!

Chloé's advice

The trick to a successful composition lies in balancing your piercings. Play with different sizes, styles, shapes and details to create harmony. Don't be afraid to be daring and let your creativity shine through your jewelry!

Piercings Maison Dorée
Piercings Maison Dorée

The different locations

The art of piercing is constantly evolving. If you're looking to add an original touch to your look, ear piercings are a wise choice. To embellish your ears: let us help you shine!


First, second or even third hole, the earlobe is a classic. Multiple ear piercings or simple sparkling studs. Play on the asymmetrical side to energize your compositions.


The most popular ear piercing location is undoubtedly the helix. This little curve of cartilage at the top of your ear is the ideal place to display delicate rings or sparkling jewels.


The tragus, cartilage at the front of the ear and close to the cheek, is the ideal place for those looking for a luminous touch close to the face. A simple ring or a shiny stud jewel will do the trick!


Looking for a bolder piercing location? Choose the Daith. Located inside the ear, this piercing is perfect for more assertive jewelry and trendy rings. It can be mysterious and subtle or become the centerpiece of your style.


The conch is a perfect location for larger piercings. You can opt for chain jewelry or chunky rings for a maximalist effect. Another alternative is earcuffs, which require no holes and are also ideal for this location!


The anti-helix is located just above the traditional helix. This location is perfect for those who want a piercing that's discreet but more original than the helix. You can opt for a small jewel, such as a sparkling star or a shiny stone. The anti-helix offers a variety of personalization options.


The rook is a bold piercing that instantly adds character to your look. You can wear curved jewelry or rings for a more assertive look. A rook adorned with a small stone can add an ultra-feminine touch to your style.

Choosing the right costume jewelry for your piercing is a crucial step. Opt for hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel, titanium or bioplastic to minimize irritation. Consult your piercer for recommendations on the right jewelry for your piercing.

Piercings Maison Dorée
Piercings Maison Dorée

Jewelry store or piercer?

Although jewelry stores sell jewelry, they don't necessarily specialize in piercings, especially the more daring and complex ones.

Professional piercers, on the other hand, have specific training and expertise, and can perform a variety of piercings with precision. They know the appropriate techniques, precise locations and hygiene standards to minimize the risk of infection or complications. Also, professional piercing studios generally use high-quality equipment, including sterile single-use needles.

They will be better able to provide you with professional advice on choosing the right jewelry, post-piercing care, and other aspects of the process.

In conclusion, choosing between a jewelry store and a professional piercer depends on your personal preferences and your level of trust in the establishment you select. The key is to do thorough research, ask questions and feel comfortable with your choice, as this will go a long way to ensuring a positive piercing experience.

Needle or spray piercing?

The choice between needle and spray piercing depends on your personal preference and comfort. Needle piercing is generally recommended because it's more precise and less traumatic for the tissue.

At Maison Dorée, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional piercer who uses the needle method to minimize risks and ensure optimal healing.

Piercing Maison Dorée

How do I maintain my piercing?

To avoid allergic reactions and preserve the brilliance of your piercing, it's vital to follow a maintenance routine:

*Touch the piercing with clean hands.
*Gently clean with sterile saline solution.
*Avoid swimming pools and hot baths during the healing period.
*Avoid aggressive chemicals near the piercing.

It's essential to remember that every piercing requires appropriate care. Cartilage piercings may take a little longer to heal than more traditional piercings.

Be patient and follow the advice of your professional piercer to ensure the best healing.

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Maison Dorée selection

Whether your style is delicate or daring, discover our selection of fancy piercings perfect for any location:



Whether you're a fan of the minimalist trend or an adept of bold maximalism, the possibilities for ear piercings are endless. So go ahead, embellish your ears and express yourself in style!

What are you waiting for? Dare to show your personality with Maison Dorée jewelry and get ready to shine.
Remember, beauty is in the details. 💫


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